70 Faces Exhibition

The “70 Faces” exhibit is a joint project of the Shoham – Memphis Partnership which tells each community’s story through its people. In celebration of the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel, this exhibit showcases 70 compelling photos and personal narratives from community members in Memphis and Shoham, 35 from each community. Browsing through the profiles of these individuals, many of whom are not broadly known, reveals a remarkable thematic similarities among the Faces from both communities. They may live an ocean apart, but the same Jewish values inspire both groups to contribute to their respective communities, quietly doing whatever needs to be done. The exhibit was opened in Memphis in December, and opened in Shoham on February, 20th. Andy Groveman, past Federation President and a member of the JA Board of Governors, and Rabbi Joel Finkelstein, of ASBEE synagogue.