Partnership2Gether History & Overview

Partnership2Gether (formerly known as Partnership 2000) is the flagship program of the Jewish Agency in the area of connections between Israeli society and communities in the Diaspora. The basis of the idea of a Partnership is to directly connect a Jewish community in the Diaspora to a geographic area in Israel. The connection between the members of the Diaspora community and the region in Israel is based on the development of interpersonal relations and the implementation of Living Bridge programs, which enable a community in the Diaspora to be involved in the Region’s community and social objectives.

The Jewish communities and the Federations that bring them together view the Partnership relationship as a way of advancing personal involvement in projects, developing direct interpersonal relations, developing community leadership, supporting Jewish/Zionist continuity and achieving the community’s fundraising goals. The power of the program is a result of its main focus: increasing the involvement of volunteers (and professional staff) in building interpersonal relations between Jews in the Diaspora and Jews in Israel.

Partnership2Gether began operating through the Jewish Agency in 1994, in partnership with the JFNA (then UJC) of North America and Keren Hayesod. It symbolized a new approach among the Jewish philanthropy. This change manifested in the desire to be authentic partners in the construction of projects and the decision making process. In contrast to previous philanthropic system where the donor was rarely involved the allocation and use of donations.

In 1995, 28 Partnerships were created between rural and urban areas in Israel and Jewish communities in the Diaspora. The two main goals of Partnership2Gether were defined as regional development in the Regions of National Priority and the creation of personal connections.

In the early years of the Partnerships, the main share of the overall Partnership budget was allocated to programs related to regional development and a smaller share was allocated to projects in the area of personal connections. In recent years, this trend has changed and a growing share of the budget is now allocated to advancing personal connections projects.

In the Partnerships founded after the year 2000, the main goal was defined as the development of personal connections between the Partnership communities and a large number of projects were directed towards the development of interpersonal social and professional connections between their residents. An additional development in recent years has been the switch to volunteer chairpersons of the Partnerships’ steering committees rather than mayors, and the expansion of the circle of volunteers on the steering committees and subcommittees.

The Goal of Partnership2Gether

The Development and advancement of connections between Diaspora Jewry and Israeli society, on a community, organizational and personal basis.

Partnership2Gether VISION

A global and united Jewish people made up of a tapestry of strong, lively, flourishing and interconnected Jewish individuals, families and communities working together to enrich Jewish continuity, identity and cultural understanding between Jews in Israel and their peers around the world.

For 20 years, Partnership2Gether (P2G) has been:

  • Turning ‘Israel’ and ‘the global Jewish family’  from abstract concepts into tangible, vibrant, compelling realities

  • Strengthening Jewish engagement and identity for all involved

  • Growing genuine feelings of kinship, and an ever-expanding network of relationships within the Jewish people

  • Building mutual cooperation between communities on both sides of each Partnership

  • Inspiring Israelis with a rich variety of religious Jewish expression and renewal in the Diaspora

  • Helping Jews overseas to more fully understand life in the Jewish state

Partnership2Gether Connects

450 Jewish and Israeli communities in 46 city-to-city and region-to-region Partnerships, engaging more than 400,000 participants each year in meaningful, ongoing connections between Israelis and Jews from around the world.

Partnership2Gether is the central platform for the promotion, empowerment, and development of deep connections between Jewish communities.

Each Partnership is led by a joint steering committee, comprised of volunteers in both communities dedicated to the creation of ongoing, fruitful, bilateral engagement: unique programs and one-on-one encounters based on mutual endeavor and shared Jewish identity.

The Jewish Agency provides a wide range of professional and educational support to each Partnership and offers platforms for Partnerships to share their best practices, challenges, and successes.