Shoham - Memphis

2nd Joint Steering Committee

In a joint effort of Andrea Arbel dir. of the Partnership unit of the Jewish Agency, the Memphis Jewish Federation, and the local municipality of Shoham, a new partnership was launched in January 2017, between the Jewish community of Memphis and the town of Shoham. Partnership Chairs were appointed; two volunteer committees were established and started working together toward their first steering committee in Memphis in May. Since then, a delegation of Shoham representatives visited Memphis and participated in the annual Kosher BBQ contest, additionally, several groups have visited Shoham – Federation professionals, students, women delegation, etc. These successful Partnership visits are an expression of the vibrant, promising collaboration that has started to develop between the two communities. A second Joint Steering Committee was held in January 2018.

We are looking forward for more exciting projects to come!


Partnership staff:

Anna Berkman – Shoham - Memphis Partnership dir.

Orly Lahat – Shoham Partnership co- Chair

Scott Notowich – Memphis Partnership co – Chair

Bluma Zukerbrut – Finkelstein – Community Impact dir. Memphis Jewish Federation





Partnership Programs