1. Pupils should appreciate the place and importance of Pesach in the Jewish Festivals in general and among the Pilgrim Festivals in particular.
  2. The First Festival that Israel kept is Pesach.
  3. Pupils should appreciate the connection between Pesach and Shavout - physical liberation and spiritual liberation.
  4. Pesach celebrates the birth of the people of Israel, and Shavout celebrates God's choice of Israel as a special people.
  5. Slavery in Egypt - the first exile. The Exodus from Egypt - the first liberation.
  6. In every generation each person is to consider himself as having left Egypt personally.
  7. On Pesach we praise and thank God through:
    • (a) relating the story of the Exodus.
    • (b) observing the mitsvot of Pesach.
  8. Pesach is testimony to God's rule, control and supervision of the world in general and Israel in particular.




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