The Asseret Yemei Teshuvah are a good opportunity for students to practice doing good deeds on behalf of other people and towards G-d. Bonuses can be awarded to both individuals and groups for their efforts in this respect.

Each student should undertake to do certain good deeds: at home, among friends, and in the community.

It is also a good idea to divide the class into groups, each of which will undertake a different specific assignment.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Tzedakah - Charity

The class should have a Tzedakah box designated for a specific cause. The group responsible for charity can undertake to collect money from the community for the charity chosen: e.g. help for the needy, help for the sick, public institutions, etc.

2. Hessed - Lovingkindness

Helping student who are slow and behind the others.
Helping new students.
Visiting hospitals, old-age homes etc.

3. Kibud Av va'Em - Respecting one's parents

Involving parents and children in joint projects: joint study, Kabbalat Shabbat, outings, decorating the school or the classroom.
Parents can be invited to talk about some subject in which they specialize.

4. Bikur Holim and Nihum Aveilim - Visiting the sick and comforting mourners

Students should visit any sick members of their class at home or in hospital.
Students should coach any children who return after illness.
Students should tape-record some of the lessons for any student who misses them through illness.

5. Tefillah - Prayers

The 'prayers' group can undertake to improve the quality of the classroom prayers or school prayers. They can:

  • Supervise the students at prayer time
  • Organize a quiz on the subject of prayers
  • Decorate the synagogue
  • Prepare a prayer area in the classroom or in the school corridor
  • Prepare a cassette recording of the parts of the prayers that are sung.




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