Preparations for the Exodus began in fact before Israel even arrived in Egypt. In the Contract, where the animal carcasses were split, God promised Abraham: 'And I will also judge the nation whom they serve, after which they will leave with great wealth' (Genesis 15:14). Even before they became enslaved, it was announced that they would one day leave with great wealth. Hence before they left, God told Moses 'Tell the people that each man should ask his neighbour and each woman should ask her neighbour for silver and gold articles' (Exodus 11:2), and when the time came to leave 'And the Israelites had done as Moses had told them, and asked for articles of silver and gold, and clothes' (Exodus 12:35).

What were the main preparations for leaving ?

Preparations for Pesach in subsequent years.

1. The laws of Pesach are studied as from thirty days before the Festival.
2. Various other preparations, such as ridding the house of hamets, baking matsahs, obtaining and preparing special foods, preparing and if necessary kashering the utensils or obtaining new ones, preparing for the Seder Night, etc.


  1. Taking the lamb or kid on the tenth of Nisan.
    Slaughtering it on the fourteenth of Nisan.
    Putting the blood on the doorposts and lintels on the fourteenth of Nisan.
    Eating the meat in the evening, the fifteenth of Nisan.
  2. Circumcision.
  3. Asking the Egyptians for articles of silver, gold and clothing.
  4. Baking the dough into matsahs.




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