Slavery (Genesis 15:13)

Liberation (Exodus 6:6)

(a) that your off spring will be a resident in a country not theirs and I will bring you out from beneath the burdens of Egypt
(b) and they will serve them and I will rescue you from their labour
(c) and they will torment them and I will redeem you with an out stretched forearm.
(d) (The first three stages are freedom from physical slavery, but the fourth stage is the main part of the liberation.) and I will take you to myself as a people, and I will be a God to you, and you will know that I am GOD.

This is the whole point of the Exodus: receiving the Torah on Sinai and entering the Land of Israel.

(2) In every generation there are those who rise against us to destroy us, and God rescues us from them.

(3) In Egypt God left his Court and went down to see what was happening 'on the ground'.

I have seen my people's suffering … and have come down to rescue them (Exodus 3:7-8).
God appears as a judge, who rebukes and guides people.

Similarly with the Tower of Babel:
GOD went down to see the city (Genesis 11:5) .
and with Sodom: Let me go down and see they have done … (Gen. 18:21).

Key words and Phrases

  Song Concept Symbols Customs Laws Prayers Names
Pharaoh's daughter.              
Pharaoh's decrees.              
The Nile.              
The midwives.              
49 degrees of contamination              
'We were slaves.'              
Excessive hard labour.              
The slavery of Egypt.              





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